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Travel Tummy Health

These four items are a MUST to keep your stomach safe while traveling!

A Balinese meal. While it always looks good, being prepared for the aftermath of any international meal is key!

Anytime I travel, I make sure to bring the following four items: Probiotics, Alka Seltzer, Immodium AD, and Tums. Preserving #travelhealth is important, but people often forget to pack items that could help should sickness rear its ugly head. The fact is, our bodies are machines. As result, they get conditioned to certain foods and bacteria (which lives in everything!). When you travel, even for a short while, your body is exposed to different bacteria in virtually everything: the food, the beverages, and the air. To protect your stomach, you should start taking #probiotics one week before you depart to go anywhere and a few days once you are back. If you aren't good with remembering to take them before your trip, start as soon as you arrive in your destination and take it daily, including afte you've gotten home. Alka Seltzer is a great way to #settleyourstomach, help with a #hangover, or if you have already vomitted. Everyone isn't a fan of the taste but Alka Seltzer does help by replacing some of the essentials lost in that process minimizing the length of your headache. When you have the runs, Imodium AD will stop everything in its tracks until you can get home or (indoors to a toilet) safely. Just be careful though because it can disrupt your bowel indefinitely, preventing regularity. Lastly, Tums (chewables) are also great for keeping your indigestion, nausea, and stomach issues under control temporarily as you travel.


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