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Take Public Transport (Especially onArrival)

Skip the taxi, save some money, and start getting acquainted organically by using P.T.

Anne, Voluptuary CEO in Athens. Turns out the Airport Express runs into the late hours as well!

In most of the countries I've traveled to, I've taken #publictransportation. As a New Yorker, public transit comes somewhat natural to me, but even if it is not something you are accustomed to, it makes life easier. Most airports have an #airportbus #airportexpress or #airporttrain that will take you directly from the #airport to the #citycenter for relatively cheap. Public transportation will definitely cost significantly less than any taxi you could take (you could even take the public transit into the city and then catch a cab if you're on a budget). It is also a great way to soak in your latest destination, since the bus travels through different parts that a taxi may skip. These buses do have dedicated space for your luggage as well making this a definite #traveltip you can apply on your next trip.


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