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Tracking Down the Turn-Up

How to find out where the (real) party at while overseas!

Wakanda Lounge, Nairobi. The locals always know what's really good, ask them about the turn up.

What is a trip without a true #internationalparty with the locals? In order to locate an #authentic #turnup, ask your restaurant waiter/waitress if they (or another coworker) knows where the best place to party is. Have them write the names of places down for you on a napkin. This not only gives you a better chance of finding a real turnt up party - you also have a better idea of the best days and times to visit certain clubs and bars from an insider. On a recent trip to Kenya with the Travel Team, my cousin made friends with our server and he definitely put us on to a dope Sunday night turn up! He also confirmed that my #travelresearch was spot on for the places I did find.

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