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The Voluptuary


Awakening the 5 senses through gallivants around the globe


57 countries and counting, my name is Dr. Anne Desrosiers and I'm here to share my gallivants around the globe through the five senses. As the Chief Experience Officer of The Voluptuary, I love bringing the luxuries of the world and all the sights, smells, tastes, sounds, and touches I've experienced through travel consulting & travel planning; travel education & workshops; stories, videos, and my own global shop!

As your global guru, it's only right that I get YOU into this beautiful world—through my travel consulting and itineraries for clients looking to get traveling (and learning how to do it) like a true travel boss. This is the world as I've experienced it, and I'm so glad you can join me! 

Read the blog, get some travel advice, buy a custom print from one of my voyages, browse, comment, and share! As a Brooklyn-native I truly believe in spreading love. Be sure to subscribe, add "" to your contacts, and keep in touch with the latest from your resident travel pro on Instagram & LinkedIn! It's a beautiful world, what are YOU waiting on to see it?

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